Choosing A Roofer

Castle Roofing Construction and Repair, Tucson Arizona

How to choose a roofer for your home or commercial building?

Here are just a few questions you should ask before making an informed decision on which roofer you will hire:

How long have you been working in the roofing industry? A good indication of quality workmanship is if their customers are happy. If so, they typically have stayed in the business for a long time. Listen to the way they communicate with you. Are they professional and have extensive knowledge of roofing?

How long do you expect the job to take? Having a new roof installed or repaired is a big job. You don’t need a team of unreliable roofers dragging the process out any longer than it needs to be. Is the job going to be finished on time or will there be delays?

  • Do you have a current contractor’s license? Ask them to provide you with their Registrar of Contractors license number. You can then go to and enter their license number to see if their license is current and if there are any complaints.
  • Are you insured?
  • Do you have references we can call? (if they cannot provide any right away, that is a red-flag)
  • What materials will you be using? (after your meeting, research those materials on the web)
  • For more tips on hiring a contractor visit this info graphic from the Arizona Registrar of Contractors: and Read these 10 tips before you hire ANYONE (PDF).