Roof Maintenance & Repair

Our harsh Arizona sun and intense heat give a tremendous amount of abuse to our roofs. It is crucial to have a professional roof contractor properly install and routinely maintain your roof to prolong its life.

Castle Roofing will visually inspect your roofing checking for the most problem areas like scuppers, skylights, flashings and potential problem areas.  With 30+ years of experience, we have a keen eye for what needs repair.

Problems we see frequently:

  • Worn out roofs: too many people believe you can re-roof your home and not think about it again, but this is not the case. Your roof must be properly maintained to prolong its life.  If not, over time, the harsh Arizona sun will bake all the moisture out of the felt underlayment, which in turn will lead to the roof being compromised. This can allow water to get into damaged areas.  Even the best roof coatings won’t make a bit of difference.
  • Debris on the roof: debris such as leaves and other plant matter can begin to decompose which can lead to your roof being compromised.
  • Cracks along parapet walls
  • Penetrations: if properly maintained, potential problem areas can be caught before damage occurs
  • Roof leaks: most roof leaks we see are due to poor roof maintenance or improper roof installations. Often considerable damage has already occurred before you even notice a leak!

Learn How Castle Roofing “SAVED” This Roof In Oro Valley

If you believe your roof is in need of repairs, please call Castle Roofing today at 520-749-4090 for your complimentary estimate.